Tips and Techniques for Statistics and Quality Improvement

Feb 20
Published in Quality Improvement

Drive Efficiency in Your Process: 5 Critical Lean Tools

Lean, also known as “Lean Manufacturing” or “Lean Production,” focuses on maximizing customer value by removing waste and eliminating defects. Lean tools are about understanding the process, looking for waste, preventing mistakes and documenting what you did. 

Jan 05
Published in Quality Improvement

Cp and Cpk: Two Process Perspectives, One Process Reality

It’s usually not a good idea to rely solely on a single statistic to draw conclusions about your process. Do that, and you could fall into the clutches of the “duck-rabbit” illusion shown here:

Dec 09
Published in Quality Improvement

Doing Gage R&R at the Microscopic Level

How would you measure a hole that was allowed to vary one tenth the size of a human hair? What if the warmth from holding the part in your hand could take the measurement from good to bad? These are the types of problems that must be dealt with when measuring at the micron level.