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Blog posts and articles about using data analysis and statistics in quality improvement initiatives in healthcare,Food,Manufacturing.

Jan 05
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Using Data to Save Lives: Q&A on Quality Improvement in Healthcare

On the heels of Healthcare Quality Week last week, we wanted to share our conversation with Dr. Sandy Fogel, the surgical quality officer at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA.

Dec 21
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Creating Value from Your Data

There may be huge potential benefits waiting in the data in your servers. These data may be used for many different purposes. Better data allows better decisions, of course. Banks, insurance firms, and telecom companies already own a large amount of data about their customers. These resources are useful for building a more personal relationship with each customer.

Dec 14
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18 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Quality Assurance In Hospital.


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Dec 09
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Why You Should Celebrate Healthcare Quality Week

October 16–22 is National Healthcare Quality Week, started by the National Association for Healthcare Quality to increase awareness of healthcare quality programs and to highlight the work of healthcare quality professionals and their influence on improved patient care outcomes.