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Blog posts and articles with tips for analyzing data for quality improvement methodologies, including Six Sigma and Lean.

Jun 07
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Main Three Solutions to Operational Excellence

Main Three Solutions to Operational Excellence

What, Precisely, Does Operational Excellence Look Like?

Good accomplishment teams use three important approaches as part of a successful management system.

Jun 06
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Minitab Essentials


The realm of Six Sigma depends on statistics and firm data to deliver procedure development.

Jun 04
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Manufacturing Data Analysis

Developments in computing technology and the resulting aptitudes to generate, stock, and admittance progressively superior volumes of data in modern business and science have shaped new chances and encounters. Data mining refers to the application of graphic and arithmetical methods to turn apparently unlike data streams into actually valuable info.

Jun 01
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5 Ways Manufacturing Analytics Will Change Your Business

Effective manufacturing depends on business continually discovering novel ways to rationalize their operations. There are ways to be explained, as such here are five ways using data analytics in manufacturing can lead to noticeable improvements in your operations.

May 31
Published in Data Analysis

How data analysis use in manufacturing?

As we explain, before that we need to understand those developments in computing equipment and the resulting capabilities to generate, stock, and entrée increasingly superior measurements of data in recent professional and science have created new probabilities and trials.

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