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Minitab Essentials

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The realm of Six Sigma depends on statistics and firm data to deliver procedure development.

Consuming a chain of tools, approaches, and data formats, skilled specialists are able to regulate glitches inside a process, how each problem can be resolved, implement the essential changes, and then monitor the circumstances. Though, they do not do all this in their heads, as we explained this is a very detailed procedure. Six Sigma specialists need dedicated tools, such as our Minitab Essentials Training.

Don’t emphasis on the Mechanics of Statistics….take Minitab Essentials Training

Every single business has software detailed to it. They have their own specific needs based on their requirement such as, managers and office personnel use word and excel Graphic designers use Adobe software products, and Six Sigma professionals use Minitab. It’s a necessary instrument in procedure improvement, making it essential to any Six Sigma program.

 The Plan comprises 5 components:

  • Minitab Basics
  • Storing Data
  • Worksheet Manipulation
  • Creating Graphs
  • Basic Data Analysis

Minitab Fundamentals

This example will demonstrate some basic actions and tools required to effectively use Minitab

  • Initial / Saving Projects
  • Opening / Saving Worksheets
  • Opening / Saving Graphs
  • Saving Session Window Output
  • Report Pad
  • Calculator
  • Toolbars
  • Help topics


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