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What is SPC?

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What is SPC?

SPC is the technique of determining and controlling quality by monitoring the manufacturing process. Quality data is collected in the form of product or process measurements or readings from various machines or instrumentation.

By this, we understand what SPC and mainly, Statistical process control refers to the gathering and analysis of developed data with the intention of improving product quality. By applying statistical process control, the goal of eliminating or greatly reducing costly product recalls is realized. This is done by analyzing manufacturing data as it happens so that problems are stopped as they happen—instead of being caught after deployment.

Through steadying a production process and reducing the number of variations in productivity, both the consumer and the company benefit. The consumer benefits by receiving a safe and tested product, and the company benefits by avoiding the costs and embarrassment associated with a recall.

About Training

At Qsutra we train professionals and in this two days course, participants will master the necessary skills of Statistical Process Control & how these tools can be applied to contribute to Manufacturing Excellence. They will master the tools to identify problem & to control/address consequences of that problem in the process. This course has pre-requisite. It’s a rigorous training to aid participants to assimilate the topics taught.

Training attendees will work through real-life examples related to General Manufacturing Industry, with guidance from the instructor.

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