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What is Data Science?

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What is Data Science?

Its might be surprising that how we use data science I n everyday life, Marketing campaigns, Uber, Siri, price comparison sites, Amazon recommendations, gaming and image recognition, are all powered, to varying degrees, by data science.

As we look deep in to it, Data science is defined as an interdisciplinary field in which developments and systems are used to extract knowledge or insights from data. Those who are data scientists collect, manage, analyze and interpret vast amounts of data with a diverse array of applications.

The Future of Data Science /data analytics

At present we have to know that data science is a relatively new field, with the term “data science” being coined in 2001, but its future is very bright.

When we look deep we will understand that in today’s world, data science has hugely grown across a crowd of industries including finance, energy, travel, and government, but even more significantly, universities have initiated to identify the prominence of offering data analytics certification courses and programs in this field.


At Qsutra we offer courses regarding data analysis, in this 1-day training, attendees will learn fundamental concepts of Data Analysis. They will develop firm statistical approaches to explore data, create & interpret graphs, uncover & describe relationship between variables. They will also learn the basics of important statistical techniques with practical application commonly practices in manufacturing industry.

Topics include

  • Process Data
  • Types of Process Data
  • Histogram, Pareto Chart
  • Central Tendencies & Dispersion
  • Basic understanding of Hypothesis Testing,
  • ANOVA,
  • Scatterplot
  • Basics of Correlation and Regression and Cause-and-Effect diagram

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